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Our vision is to establish land in each state that is owned or co-owned by ONAC of Inner Light. These properties will be used by the local church community for church services, hearing messages from the leadership, 
and building a community mind frame of coming together as God's extended family. In addition to church services we will be opening wellness centers that focus on the overall health of individuals, mind, body, and spirit.

These centers will offer 
counseling focusing on Major Depression and High Anxiety Disorder, substance abuse and promoting an overall healthy quality of life. They will also offer alternative treatments for a number of physical ailments primarily using natural herbal medicines and promote healthy living through eating natural and organic foods. 
 The centers will also offer healthy living practices such as courses in Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, preparing healthy meals,

organic gardening, green living, etc. We believe that all physical ailments have roots in spirit and in order to achieve optimal health one must focus on healing traumatic spiritual damage as well as making positive life choices. 

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